Summary: By fusing NOCs and SOCs, an organization can minimize overhead costs and still remain efficient during the process.

Both Network Operation Centers (NOC) and Security Operation Centers (SOC) play crucial roles in IT surveillance for companies all around the globe. However, both of them function as a separate entity, with each playing a different functioning role.

The Roles of NOCs and SOCs

The NOCs purpose lies with critically measure uptime and computing resources. The SOCs focus is to critically measure response time. When combined, these two create a system that ensures the availability and integrity of IT assets.

Budget Limitations Fuel Collaborative Tendencies

In every organization, costs tend to rise drastically which puts IT assets at risk. Furthermore, they are challenged to do more less as funding continues to struggle with the growth of a business. By leveraging both NOC and SOC functionalities, an organization can build a single entity that is responsible to handling both functions, while still budgeting, and still yield operational efficiencies.

Since NOCs and SOCs share similar operational structures, core knowledge is shared by the staff working within them such as event escalation, organizational goals, and internetworking fundamentals. Additionally, they both require similar systems like analyst workstations, ticketing, and management systems. The convergence of both the NOC and SOC will enable both systems collaborate in an effective manner, which essentially cuts costs and improve efficiency in making every day operational decisions – all while keeping expenses at a minimum. While it does sound relatively simple, it can be a complex task as each team must be able to work as a collective group while still maintaining the entire network. It involves an immense amount of training and time. However, it can still produce effective results in the long run.

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How NOCs and SOCs can Combine to Reduce Costs