Not many website owners consider using Excel to enhance their SEO campaigns. You would be surprised once you find how this common office program can improve your online promotional efforts.

Popular Excel Functions Used for SEO

Excel is becoming the standard for most Los Angeles search engine marketing project managers. Some useful functions such as the ones described below are easy to use once you learn them.

  1. The bulk title and header format function (=Proper) – This one is written as follows in the cells where you want to execute the formula: =Proper. The most common use of it is to format title tags in bulk. Ad titles can also be formatted in a similar way to comply with SEO rules using the “Proper” bulk format function.
  2. The concatenation combine function (=Concatenation) – You can use this function to make bulk combinations. For instance, your Los Angeles search engine optimization company might be responsible for city-specific ad groups that require ad campaigns geared toward specific services. The function that best accomplishes this bulk combine task is written like this: =Concatenation.
  3. Consolidation of multiple text in cells (=Concatrange) – One of the best uses for this is to consolidate multiple cells into one cell. For SEO, this is especially useful when you want to focus on data for a set of cities or other geo-targeted locations. This function is written as follows: =Concatrange.
  4. Left and right functions (=Left or=Right ) – This function is written like this: =Left or =Right for either pulling data from the beginning or ends of URL strings. This helps you retrieve data from any cell to the time it takes to perform local SEO services in Los Angeles.

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Excel Tricks for SEO