The 2010 version of MS Office has upgraded the desktop software and it also retains much of the functionality that older versions of Microsoft Office had.  So what exactly is new with MS Office 2013?

First the menu feature has been upgraded.  When MS Office 2007 came out, it has a ribbon menu system that made headlines.  With the 2013 version, the ribbon system has been kicked up a notch with a better ribbon system.  In fact, MS Office 2013 has a whole new system for the home menu.  Previous versions had a dropdown box but with the new version, the whole window changes different colors when you use certain options such as preview, close, open and save.

The new version of MS Office has better security settings.  It has totally redone writer settings, added a protected mode and restricted editing.  The idea behind the new protected mode is that the program will not let you edit a file that you have downloaded until you have enabled it. 

It seems the biggest thing to come out of the new version is the web apps.  Microsoft created MS Web Apps to thwart out rivals such as Google Docs.  The web apps are supported on various web browsers such as IE 7 or higher, Safari 4, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox 3.5 or higher.  The web apps give users access to their documents straight from anyplace in the world.

Features of Microsoft Office 2013

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