Credit card on a computer keyboard
Credit card on a computer keyboard

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Every single brand that offers a product should be available for purchase on its own website. Previously, a website would only show information about the company, list some of the products and provide contact information. In this day and age, when a visitor arrives at your website, they expect to be able to purchase the item. In the rush to set up an internet shopping cart, there are several mistakes that many sellers make. Here are the most common mistakes to avoid:


Adding a paying customer to a mailing list is the holy grail of online marketing. However, in the rush to build the list some sites automatically enroll the visitor when a purchase is made. The purchase should not force registration. In addition, the website shopping cart should be set to allow guest mode for orders. Even if the customer does register, the mailing list should be opt-in, not opt-out.


The shopping cart is a real issue that is fixable with a few changes. The most important change is to present the visitor with as much information as possible during checkout. For example, the checkout display should show each item along with the unit price and quantity. The chosen method of shipping along with exact cost and the potential cost of other options. Even any discounts applied should be displayed. Each of these items should be editable by the visitor up to the final screen.


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Mistakes to avoid when setting up an e-commerce store