Young couple buying new home
Young couple buying new home

All landlords want a good quality tenant that will abide by their rules, keep their property clean and pay the rent on time. Here are some qualities of a good tenant.

Pays your rent – Most landlord-tenant relationships revolve around paying rent on time. To schedule, regular payments use landlord’s property management software to remind and receive payments online directly to your account.

Treat the property like your own – You want a tenant who takes care of your property like their own. Ask for a good recommendation from your tenant to prevent property damage and to reduce wear and tear.

Communicate maintenance issues – Small leaks or cracks can turn into big repairs. Therefore, you want a tenant who will notify you when there is an issue that requires your attention. If you have multiple properties, look at an online maintenance request program that will help you monitor issues until they are solved.

High maintenance – High maintenance tenants are a nuisance as they will often complain about the smallest of issues. Look at tenants that resolve issues on their own and will only inform you when they have a big issue that needs your attention.

Lease – Leases are the best option for both landlords and tenants as they will protect both parties.

Keeps you posted – A good tenant will inform you if they are looking at moving or are going away for a long time, well in advance.

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Qualities of a good tenant