Time management is a skills prized at all levels of the corporate work force. The hourly employee must learn how to complete his tasks without drawing on over time, while management must figure out how to implement the schedules of employees and follow through with those hours. Read on for killer time management tips anyone can employ to work smarter and more efficiently.

Record Time

Every work place needs something like an electronic time clock to accurately record employee time. It’s too easy for employees to commit fraud without a dedicated tracking system, and payroll is much easier when you can simply upload the hours worked and get data back in a format you can use. Recording time also allows management to see who is working their assigned hours, and compare that with the output of that worker.

Assign Blocks

Some time and attendance software also acts like a planner for the employee. He can check the hours he is scheduled to work, and block out time where he won’t be available. This is important for meetings and blocks of time that require concentration. For instance, a paralegal might block out some time to perform research on an important case, or an accountant to work on an important client’s books.


Start your day by prioritizing your work load. Plan out all of the most important objectives you plan to meet for the day, then plan for thirty to sixty minutes at the end of your day to complete miscellaneous tasks. You might set thirty minutes aside to read emails, for instance, or answer voice mails you might have missed throughout the day. Prioritizing your work load gives you a top-level viewpoint of the most important items competing for your attention.

“Do Not Disturb”

Sometimes it’s helpful to let others know that you don’t want to be bothered while you work. Most companies run some form of instant messenger, or have office doors. A simple “do not disturb” notification on either front would get the message across and give you some breathing room to get things done.

Budget Time

Nothing is worse than too much time and no drive. Make sure you budget your time to complete certain objectives, then actually focus during those blocks. Time management takes practice to be most effective, so look for ways to improve upon your schedule as you work.
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5 Time Management Tips

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