The Internet sweepstakes cafe business is booming in the United States and nowhere is this more true than Florida. The Sarasota Herald-Tribune recently reported that sweepstakes cafes are continuing to grow throughout the Sunshine State as players flock to them and more people see the tremendous growth potential in the businesses. According to the story, up to 1,500 sweepstakes companies are set up in Florida right now, making close to $1 billion in revenue annually.

So why is the Internet cafe business so popular in Florida? One reason is that it’s the perfect match of product and demographics. Sweepstakes machines are particularly popular with older people who enjoy the ability to play games while receiving perks such as complimentary food and drinks and the companionship of other players. Sweepstakes cafes are a great match for what retirees and other older people are looking for as a fun hobby.

Another reason that sweepstakes machines are becoming so popular is that businesses are very easy to open up. Florida’s laws are some of the most relaxed in the nation in terms of sweepstakes machines, making it easy for almost anyone to set up their own business. With the right location and some savvy marketing, a startup sweepstakes company can find a profit in Florida in no time.

Internet Sweepstakes Café Business Booming in Florida

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