Don’t let fear and doubt stop you from considering entrepreneurship — launching an internet café business is possible, especially if you plan to offer sweepstakes machines. Don’t know how to get started? You’re in luck — SweepsCoach is providing free (yes, free) consultation for people interested in launching sweepstakes internet cafes. As one of the few consultant groups in the industry, SweepsCoach offers professional, unbiased advice on starting an internet café with sweepstakes machines. Here are two services that caught our attention:

Industry-specific business coaching: Not all business coaches are created equal. Unlike most business consultants that offer general coaching, SweepsCoach has direct experience in the sweepstakes internet café industry. Led by a dream team of professionals with backgrounds at companies such as Samsun, eBay, Hewlett-Packard, and Novell, they know the industry inside and out, and have played a major role in the launch of the some of the most successful sweepstakes internet cafes in the world.

Knowledge of industry software and machines: They also have extensive knowledge of sweepstakes software. Over the years, SweepsCoach has created partnerships with the leading sweepstakes software manufacturers; but they are not tied to one company. For this reason, the firm is able to provide unbiased advice on the best software in the industry. The same applies to the games. They’ve played them all and know which ones are successful and loved by customers. In addition to consulting, the firm has two phone card sweepstakes machines to choose from.

It’s not Too Late to Launch an Internet Café Business

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