The newest version of Microsoft Office was announced at the company’s Worldwide Partner Conference and it has been the entire buzz ever since.  You are probably familiar with your current version of Office and know how to use the various programs like Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Outlook.  So why would you want to change to the updated version?  Well, here are a few reasons why you might consider giving up the older version you currently have.

One feature that you may like is the collaboration feature.  How this feature works is that you can work on a document and your co-worker can also have access to the document and edit it at the same time as you.  Each of you will have a pop up message when the other person does an edit in the document.  In fact, you can have several people working on the same project at once.  The changes occur in real-time.  Word, PowerPoint, Excel and OneNote all have the collaboration feature.

Along the same lines of the collaboration feature is the instant sharing in PowerPoint.  So say you are working on a PowerPoint presentation.  You can invite other people to have access to your presentation and they are able to see what you are doing in real-time.  All you have to do is send the people you want to invite an email that contains the link to the presentation you are working on.

Outlook has taken on a huge renovation.  It is now more efficient and more social.  The Outlook Calendar Groups allow teams or office staff to choose meeting times.  There is a new feature that allows you to connect with your social media friends through Outlook.  You will be able to see messages from your Outlook program that your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or other social networking sites have posted.

Reasons to Love Microsoft Office 2013

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