Microsoft Office 2013 is a bundle of various software programs that make things easier for you.  For instance, MS Excel is a spreadsheet program that is easy to use.  The 2013 upgrade has brand new features.  With MS Word, you can create documents and business cards.  MS Outlook is an email client.  But if you liked MS Office in the past, you will love the new upgrades.

PowerPoint is a program that allows you to create and present slide shows.  The 2013 version not only has an upgraded browser version but it also has some exciting new features.  For example, there is a new video editing tool that allows you to edit videos as well as images within the slideshow.  In addition to the video editing tool, there is also a new image editing tool to, well edit images.  Also, in the 2013 PowerPoint, there is a live sharing tool.  This means that if you are making a PowerPoint presentation, you can share with others and they can see what you are doing in real time.

Microsoft Office Word 2013 changed a few things in response to customer feedback.  Customers wanted their documents in the browser to appear like the documents in the desktop version. The browser version still has the features where you can change things like font, styles and formatting.  The desktop 2013 version has a new look as well.  Now more than one person can be in the document and editing it at once.  So if you and a co-worker are editing the same document, Word sends each person a notification when changes are made.

A Few Exciting Feature of MS Office 2013

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