It seems that everyone and anyone is using Microsoft Word these days. Microsoft Word has been around since 1983 and is used in many places including homes, hospitals, offices and schools. You may think that because of its age that it is simple to navigate. The fact is that MS Word can be downright frustrating. But there are two simple yet important tips that can make the use of Microsoft Word much easier.

  1. You can combine portrait pages with landscape pages in Microsoft Word. So say you have a document that is several pages long. You want the majority of the document displayed in the portrait setting but you also want a couple of pages to be displayed in the landscape setting. To do this, you will need to place a section break before as well as after the portions of text that you want displayed in landscape. Then you can use the landscape setting for that portion of the document.
  2. With the newest Word feature, you can now browse search results within Word itself. So now you can see each instance of whatever text that you searched for along with some words of context. This will display over several boxes within the navigation pane. To select an instance of text, all you have to do is click one navigation pane boxes. Even after closing out of the navigation pane, you can hit F4 on your keyboard to go from one search to another.
Two Important Microsoft Word Tips

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